Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Telling A Story

Yesterday as I was working with my friend, Jennifer on some watercolor techniques we talked about how art tells a story. For me personally I hope that my work touches people when they see it and that they know there is a story in every piece.

Many artists I know love to share the story. Travel inspires many of my works, being in places like Africa or the Redwood Forests, just takes my breath away. I am awed by nature. Nature is everything, all things connect in one way or another. I can sit on a beach or stand in the woods and just listen. Try it sometimes, you will be amazed at what you hear.

I wonder how things came to be, the shapes of seashells, certain animals, why butterflies & birds know where to fly when they have never been there. I record what I see in hopes of capturing that moment in time. I document what is here today not knowing if it will be here tomorrow. I create short stories with my work. Next time you see one of my works, ask me about the story behind it, I will be happy to tell you my tale.

"Joyful Day" pastel on Rives BFK paper this piece is sold but this place has been the inspiration for many of my works.

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