Thursday, September 19, 2013

Sometimes - It's Just A Little Thing

Making paper this week, get a phone call from Rick to ask if I need shredded paper as there are several bags at his office. He brings them home to me around lunch time. I can't help but smile. Not many husbands would know that shredded paper would make their wife happy!

Paper making is going well. We started out with kind of plain white paper with some onion skin to add a touch of color. Then moved into lavender and a few flower pedals. From small 5x7 size paper, up to 8x10 size paper, into round paper and ended with embedded leaves and flowers. Not bad for a couple days of work.

Today more paper! Starting a whole new color as we have gone through the light colored pulp. Plus, found a new way to dry my newspapers that I use to absorb excess water...I have been hanging them, which keeps the cat from running around on them. We found a fair amount of kitty hairs popping up in the paper yesterday.

While this week progresses with paper making, which will turn to book making, don't forget the Artomatic is still happening. Each weekend check to see what music is playing or what artist might be working the Artist Market or so many other things. http://www.artomaticfr

It is the season for ART and it is almost Autumn! Why do leaves change colors???

How do you dry your newspapers?

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