Friday, September 27, 2013

New & Re-newed

Lots of good things going on this week. Wednesday I delivered work to The Little Gallery at Smith Mountain Lake. I have been in this gallery a few times and thought my work would be a good fit. I dropped off my portfolio, followed up with the owners and brought some work in for them to see in person. They picked the works they thought would most likely sell and we signed a contract. Good to have another gallery carrying my work.

To top my week off my camera body came back from Nikon! Still under warranty, they repaired the auto-focus, cleaned and update the soft-hard-firm ware. Just in time for taking photos of fall leaves!

New books are being organized, first fold covers, pick out the papers to go inside, decorate cover/inside, pick out thread/ribbon and sew them all together - coming soon new books.

New pastels, paintings, drawings are in the works. Along with some new art supplies that are shipped and should be here by next week!

New galleries, re-newed camera, new shows that are just around the corner, it is fall and it is time for some new art. Don't forget Artomatic is still going on, last day is October 5th and I will be there doing the Artist Market from noon - 4:00 - who knows I may have some of those new works with me!

"Wise Man" pastel on black paper embedded in hand made paper and on view at The Little Gallery @ SML

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