Sunday, September 1, 2013

Ending Summer

It is almost Labor Day, the first Monday in September according to Wikipedia. Proposed in 1882, Oregon was the first state to celebrate it in 1887 and it became a Federal Holiday in 1894. Thought of as the end of summer, back to school. beginning of football season and 2nd only to Black Friday for retail sales.

The first day of fall - autumnal equinox (Latin for equal night) is September 22 at 4:44 PM. Yet the actually event of the day and night being almost exactly 12 hours happens a couple days after, according to the Almanac. This timing is for the Northern Hemisphere.

So, it's almost fall and a good time for the arts. Lots of fun events happen, Oktoberfest are just around the corner along with gift giving for special holidays. From this month through most of December I will be in the Labor Day state of mind, creating my little heart out, making new works, for, I hope all to enjoy.

Marilu & I will be at Artomatic this coming weekend. Artist Night is September 6th from 6-9. Come on by to see us and some new works. We will be surrounded by friends and family. My friend, Sarah will have her photography on display, Marilu's daughter, Tracy also has her photography up and Tracy's 2 sons will have their work hanging too!

Hope everyone can come by and see this amazing show. It is up from Sept. 5th - Oct. 5th, closed Mon. & Tues. with lots of music and performances on weekends. Check their web site often for updates.

Until then enjoy your day off or your day of labor. Enjoy the fall, soon the leaves will be changing colors and the cool air will bring the winter coat of white, or so I have heard!

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