Thursday, September 5, 2013

Clutter - or - how to think like an artist

Where to start??? My office maybe...has become the staging area getting ready for Artomatic this weekend. As I think of something I might need it goes in the pile to pack in the car - "Staging Area"! Or some might say clutter but staging area sounds so nice.

Small prints & originals for Artist Market, Sunday 12-5 117 E. Church St., Frederick, MD

Artists are usually good at multi-tasking too or we get distracted easily, maybe both. But, my point is that I have been keeping up with the challenge to myself. I have been getting a little drawing in each day. At the Artist Market I will have something there - a little demo piece, maybe the owl I am currently working on...
Work in Progress - Day 3
Many artist who do the art challenge, work on a new piece each day. I will have to work up to that, for now just taking an hour or two and working is good. The feather part of this image was done as a ghost print during a monotype workshop I was teaching. I kept it thinking it would be something one day. I sketched in the owl on the branch, did watercolor underpainting and pastel on handmade paper with a slightly rough texture. 

Oh and new frames arrived to get the art that is hanging out in the guest room/linda's alternate working space ready for several other shows on the horizon. 

Even though this week has been pretty non-stop I am not feeling too stressed yet. Will remove the staging area, get my car packed, figure out what artsy things I need to bring for a long weekend up in Frederick and with a little good timing should be able to get a couple hours of drawing in this afternoon. See it is not so hard to think like an artist, you just need to be able to think past the clutter.

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