Tuesday, September 10, 2013


One Art Show - Artomatic
Two Buildings - 115 & 117 E. Church Street, Frederick, MD
Three States - Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland
Four Days - Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday

What a weekend, the four can also stand for 4 plus hours it takes to drive. I drove up from Blacksburg, VA to Frederick, MD. To get from here to there you go through 3 states. It was crazy busy this weekend, lots of art talk, seeing friends and family. I even got some time to work on my latest owl, which should be ready sometime this week.

Great time walking through the two buildings of Artomatic. Guiding people to not only look down or at eye level but look up as there was work hanging on the ceilings too.

Even though this is one show, it hosts over 300 artist. The show stays up through October 5th. this weekend kicked it off with music from several bands. The upper floor in 115 hosts the bands in what use to be the gym when many years ago the building stood as a school. Wood floors and all, ready for dancing to go with the music.

This is a great event, established artists, artist showing for the first time, installations, fine art, sketches on the walls, it has it all. Don't miss this one and on Friday - Saturday and Sunday many of the artists will be at the Artist Market/Gift Shop selling small works. Every weekend will have music plus other special activities.

I will be back up the weekend of October 4-5th, hope to see you there!

Next working towards - Fine Arts in the Valley - October 25-26-27 & November 1-2-3 Mark Your Calendars!!!

Tee Shirts at Artist Market

Artist Market in 117

Sarah Simpson's photography

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