Friday, August 16, 2013


I am at the point where there is too much information in my head. Too much going on in life, too much travel, too many great opportunities, too many art ideas and as always not enough time. Maybe, I just need more coffee!

Today, I work in the studio but not drawing. I must figure out what art is going to what shows. Not a bad problem to have, just need to take a deep breath and organize in my own special way. Which to say is not necessarily  like some people organize but it works for me.

Part of the problem is there are several really big shows this fall. The nice thing is the timing, they kind of fall one right after the other. Depending on how much sells from the first show. Some of those pieces can move to the next show and so forth and so on...but there are other juried shows in-between that certain works are committed too already, 3 here, 5 there, it adds up pretty quickly. The bigger shows need 15 - 20 pieces.

So, today's project, pack for shipping and transport. What's the differences you say, well, transport means they are unframed and I can pack them so they go in a suitcase when I fly back east. Works pretty well. Then I just need to deal with framing work for the first show. Which needs to be ready and hung before September 4th.

First Event - Artomatic: 115 E. Church St., Frederick, MD 21701 Marilu & I are in this show with a couple hundred other artists. This year 2 buildings will be in use for the event. We are located on the main floor, room #34. Marilu's daughter, photographer, Tracy is also exhibiting in that same building just down the hall. Tracy has her two sons showing their works too. It is a friends and family affair. My friend Sarah will have her photography on display. So, many other artist friends will be there. Grand opening is Sept. 7th. Each weekend in September there will be music, entertainment, special demonstrations and tons of amazing art work. This is an event you should not miss, there will be something for everyone.

Check the calendar on the web site for details on events and hours of operation. I will be there September 6 - 7 and maybe the 8th - if you got my cell # call - come by - see the show!

linda hp - cheetah - pastel on watercolor paper with w/c background

A little something inspired by Africa - drop by to see what else is hanging at Artomatic.

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