Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Little Things

I have been trying to take a little time to organize all the photographs I have been taking this spring & summer. As, I look back over some of the extremes of the images I have captured it is the little things that create some of these amazing images. White Sands in New Mexico, tiny grains of white sand that make up acres of dunes. Visiting the Pacific Coast we stopped to walk the sand dunes, a different kind of sand but still impressive that a tiny grain can make a mountain.

In Africa, it starts with small rain drops, bringing the water to the Zambezi River which keeps Victoria Falls flowing during their winter. A seed, a pod, settles into the ground and grows and grows to create some of the largest trees in Africa, Baobabs. The upside down tree.

The Redwoods, grow tall and big around plus include the extra sense of smell. Looking at how all of these things start from something so tiny and become so breathtaking.

I have never been good at translating these massive images into my work. I do not do many landscapes. I am overwhelmed by too much information. I want to include everything I see, so to avoid the overload, I focus in on the little things I see. I draw the leaf, details of the roots, or maybe a tree but not the forest. I draw the animals that live in the forest,  jungle, river or desert. I look for the little things. I realize each time I visit a new place how small I am within this natural world.

I have lots of art shows coming up this fall. Soon, I will post the show dates and some previews of what I have created from some of the little moments in time.

Pacific Coast

I am near the bottom used a 300 zoom capturing the top 1/4 of this sand dune
White Sands at sunset, New Mexico
Baobab tree, Africa 
Me in the corkscrew tree

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