Friday, August 30, 2013


When it comes to getting your art out there, you have to look for lots of alternatives. Artomatic is one of those alternative ways to show your work. I think it might be one of the first pop up galleries, if not the first. A pop up gallery is a temporary space. Often a office building that is empty but by having artists come in and fix it up, install their work, it gives the building a meaning. The building is now visual, making it easier for someone interested in buying it, to see it's possibilities. Artomatic will be opening soon. Marilu & I spent a couple days getting it ready to hang our work. I'll be up there over the weekend of September 6-7-8th. There will be an Artist Reception on the 6th 6-9pm, September 7th is the Grand Opening and September 8th is the Artist Market. I will have a separate table set up to sell some of my smaller works and matted pieces, that is from noon - 5pm. Come on by and see me. I will be in building 115 E. Church St., Frederick, MD on the 6th, room 34. The 7th I am in the second building 117 E. Church St. and that is the same building the Artist Market is held on Sundays. Check the web site for all the activities that will be going on throughout the month of September and beginning of October, there are many!

This is the kick-off of the season. There will be lots of openings, demonstrations and exhibitions this fall. Kind of got overwhelmed as I was trying to put a post card together. You can only make the font so small before you need to just make a bigger post card. Tried to insert the postcard but forgot it needs to be a jpeg. So will just download some of the images and use the postcard another day. You can always go to my site to see what's on the show schedule.

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