Wednesday, August 7, 2013

A Whale Of A Tree

"In every walk  with nature, one receives far more, than he (she) seeks." - John Muir

We have had many great walks and moments with nature this week, month, year. We have seen some of the biggest of animals and the largest of trees. While in Africa, we were up close with the elephants. Now on the west coast of America we got to see a gray whale, not so up close but we did watch as he puffed a few spouts and diving a few times. Allowing us to check another wonderful experience off of our list.

Driving south from Oregon to California, we took time to hug a few trees - literally. We went to the Redwood Forest, words can hardly express the feeling you get when you walk with these giants. As I watched people looking at these trees, I saw them gently lay their hand on the bark. It was a very spiritual moment, sharing our small measure of time with these ancient ones.

I still think back on the peaceful quite, the smell, fresh, clean and the respect between nature and humans. I could have stayed there for months and never have grown tired of looking at these trees. A few sketches were made on site, a lot of pictures where taken and a wonderful memory to keep.

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