Tuesday, August 27, 2013

411 - Information Please

There was a time when you would dial on your landline - 411- and get an operator who would ask you for "information please". You would then ask for a phone number or address. Now, we find this same information via the internet.

So, here is some 411 on the upcoming show. Marilu and I have been preparing Artomatic. As some know, Artomatic events take old buildings that are empty and transform them to Art Venues. Sometimes the walls are a bit rough. So, we repaired a few holes and painted our walls a natural gray. Looking good! Marilu was setting up the information board with postcards and business cards. I hung my work since I will not be back in Frederick till the Grand Opening and Artist's Market.

The soft opening is September 4th, I will be working as a volunteer on September 6th & 7th. September 6th I am there from noon till 9PM, there is a special Artists Event that evening starting at 5PM going till 11PM. Marilu & I are in building 115 E. Church Street, Frederick, MD Room #34.

September 7th is the Grand Opening, I will be there from 4 till 9PM.

This year there are two buildings 117 E. Church St., Fred., MD is right next door. It too is filled with artists and hosts the Artist Markets. I will be at the Artist Market on Sunday, September 8th from noon to 5PM. At the Market there will be lots of smaller items to purchase and take with you. The art in the main show is for sale but must remain on the walls till the end of the show.

As more dates come up we will continue the 411.Till then check out the web site for all the activities that will be going on at Artomatic - music, entertainment, drawing workshops, receptions and so much more!


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