Saturday, August 31, 2013


Life is full of hic-ups, little interruptions, computers and cameras - well, lets just say technology creates many of those hic-ups. But, we learn to navigate around them or through them. I have been working on postcards for all the shows coming up this fall. Trying to get as much information into a small compact card, in the right format and getting the printer to accept the format, along with the computer. And what's with this "Bing" stuff? My new camera needs to go to the doctors - well - to NY for a check up as it refuses to auto-focus. Try taking pictures of running and flying animals in manual. It can be done just not easy. As I get older, I prefer easy, at least easier. Tomorrow I start pulling things together for the Artist Market on the 8th in Frederick. For today, I think I am done with the hic-ups...Hope to see you at one of the shows. If you read this and tell me about it, you will receive a 10% discount on any purchase of my work.

Friday, August 30, 2013


When it comes to getting your art out there, you have to look for lots of alternatives. Artomatic is one of those alternative ways to show your work. I think it might be one of the first pop up galleries, if not the first. A pop up gallery is a temporary space. Often a office building that is empty but by having artists come in and fix it up, install their work, it gives the building a meaning. The building is now visual, making it easier for someone interested in buying it, to see it's possibilities. Artomatic will be opening soon. Marilu & I spent a couple days getting it ready to hang our work. I'll be up there over the weekend of September 6-7-8th. There will be an Artist Reception on the 6th 6-9pm, September 7th is the Grand Opening and September 8th is the Artist Market. I will have a separate table set up to sell some of my smaller works and matted pieces, that is from noon - 5pm. Come on by and see me. I will be in building 115 E. Church St., Frederick, MD on the 6th, room 34. The 7th I am in the second building 117 E. Church St. and that is the same building the Artist Market is held on Sundays. Check the web site for all the activities that will be going on throughout the month of September and beginning of October, there are many!

This is the kick-off of the season. There will be lots of openings, demonstrations and exhibitions this fall. Kind of got overwhelmed as I was trying to put a post card together. You can only make the font so small before you need to just make a bigger post card. Tried to insert the postcard but forgot it needs to be a jpeg. So will just download some of the images and use the postcard another day. You can always go to my site to see what's on the show schedule.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

411 - Information Please

There was a time when you would dial on your landline - 411- and get an operator who would ask you for "information please". You would then ask for a phone number or address. Now, we find this same information via the internet.

So, here is some 411 on the upcoming show. Marilu and I have been preparing Artomatic. As some know, Artomatic events take old buildings that are empty and transform them to Art Venues. Sometimes the walls are a bit rough. So, we repaired a few holes and painted our walls a natural gray. Looking good! Marilu was setting up the information board with postcards and business cards. I hung my work since I will not be back in Frederick till the Grand Opening and Artist's Market.

The soft opening is September 4th, I will be working as a volunteer on September 6th & 7th. September 6th I am there from noon till 9PM, there is a special Artists Event that evening starting at 5PM going till 11PM. Marilu & I are in building 115 E. Church Street, Frederick, MD Room #34.

September 7th is the Grand Opening, I will be there from 4 till 9PM.

This year there are two buildings 117 E. Church St., Fred., MD is right next door. It too is filled with artists and hosts the Artist Markets. I will be at the Artist Market on Sunday, September 8th from noon to 5PM. At the Market there will be lots of smaller items to purchase and take with you. The art in the main show is for sale but must remain on the walls till the end of the show.

As more dates come up we will continue the 411.Till then check out the web site for all the activities that will be going on at Artomatic - music, entertainment, drawing workshops, receptions and so much more!


Saturday, August 24, 2013

Frantic Time is here....

It's Fall (almost) and that means art show season.  Linda and I have committed ourselves to several shows....kind of back to back....what were we thinking????? 

But it's done, and the first one is opening on September 4.  It's Artomatic@Frederick .  A great show, 300 plus artists, two buildings.  Every medium and style imaginable.  It runs from Sept 4 until Oct 5.  Check their website for times (closed Monday and Tuesday), and the schedule of events that accompany the art. 

For us it was a matter of choosing a space and getting it ready to hang work.  We spent last Thursday painting the walls....our spaces are adjoining.  Tomorrow the art work and information board will start to go up.  We are in the main building, room 34 at 115 E. Church St., in historic downtown Frederick, Md. 

Later we will have work at The Gallery at Fells Point for their 29th Annual North American Miniature Show.  Then for two weeks in October we'll have several pieces at Art at the Mill near Berryville, Va.  October 12-13-14 we will be at Mountain Lake Lodge for a Fall Festival in Pembroke, Va.  Late October and early November is our own Fine Arts in the Valley at Country Pleasures Farm near Middletown, Md.  So from here until the holidays.....we are busy!!! showing and creating.  Come and see us at one or more of these venues.  We'll post more about all of these shows in the coming days and weeks. 

Till then, everyone have a safe and happy Labor Day weekend.  See you in the Fall....

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?

Really? I am jet-lagged this morning. Opted for a couple extra cups of coffee to keep me going today. Picked up the mail in VA and the art I shipped was there waiting for me...already unpacked and in good shape! Need to unpack the rest of the art in the suitcase, frame, label, re-pack to take up to MD by Thursday. Really, again does anybody know what time it is...I thought it was Monday but no it's already Tuesday and half of today is gone. Ok, doing this blog, like usual as I have a cup of coffee, so once it is done back upstairs to finish the art part of today.

Just to add a little extra fun to the package, trying to get things together for a party this weekend - our 30th Anniversary! Looking forward to seeing friends & family. We will also be celebrating our Beccy's birthday with the tradition of MD Blue Crabs!

Our John ask if we were ever going to stop traveling? I guess the answer to that is NO. Too much to see, too much to do, and too many new people to meet. Can't stop now still have too many ideas for art work.

Getting Art Ready to Ship in AZ

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Sunday Smiles

Worked yesterday to get art packed, shipped and we are ready to go. Still got a few little things to wrap up today but it is Sunday. Which for us is a bit more of a relaxed morning, extra coffee, cat on the lap kind of day. Here are a few small moments in nature. Next week, ART - Art- art!

Friday, August 16, 2013


I am at the point where there is too much information in my head. Too much going on in life, too much travel, too many great opportunities, too many art ideas and as always not enough time. Maybe, I just need more coffee!

Today, I work in the studio but not drawing. I must figure out what art is going to what shows. Not a bad problem to have, just need to take a deep breath and organize in my own special way. Which to say is not necessarily  like some people organize but it works for me.

Part of the problem is there are several really big shows this fall. The nice thing is the timing, they kind of fall one right after the other. Depending on how much sells from the first show. Some of those pieces can move to the next show and so forth and so on...but there are other juried shows in-between that certain works are committed too already, 3 here, 5 there, it adds up pretty quickly. The bigger shows need 15 - 20 pieces.

So, today's project, pack for shipping and transport. What's the differences you say, well, transport means they are unframed and I can pack them so they go in a suitcase when I fly back east. Works pretty well. Then I just need to deal with framing work for the first show. Which needs to be ready and hung before September 4th.

First Event - Artomatic: 115 E. Church St., Frederick, MD 21701 Marilu & I are in this show with a couple hundred other artists. This year 2 buildings will be in use for the event. We are located on the main floor, room #34. Marilu's daughter, photographer, Tracy is also exhibiting in that same building just down the hall. Tracy has her two sons showing their works too. It is a friends and family affair. My friend Sarah will have her photography on display. So, many other artist friends will be there. Grand opening is Sept. 7th. Each weekend in September there will be music, entertainment, special demonstrations and tons of amazing art work. This is an event you should not miss, there will be something for everyone.

Check the calendar on the web site for details on events and hours of operation. I will be there September 6 - 7 and maybe the 8th - if you got my cell # call - come by - see the show!

linda hp - cheetah - pastel on watercolor paper with w/c background

A little something inspired by Africa - drop by to see what else is hanging at Artomatic.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Little Things

I have been trying to take a little time to organize all the photographs I have been taking this spring & summer. As, I look back over some of the extremes of the images I have captured it is the little things that create some of these amazing images. White Sands in New Mexico, tiny grains of white sand that make up acres of dunes. Visiting the Pacific Coast we stopped to walk the sand dunes, a different kind of sand but still impressive that a tiny grain can make a mountain.

In Africa, it starts with small rain drops, bringing the water to the Zambezi River which keeps Victoria Falls flowing during their winter. A seed, a pod, settles into the ground and grows and grows to create some of the largest trees in Africa, Baobabs. The upside down tree.

The Redwoods, grow tall and big around plus include the extra sense of smell. Looking at how all of these things start from something so tiny and become so breathtaking.

I have never been good at translating these massive images into my work. I do not do many landscapes. I am overwhelmed by too much information. I want to include everything I see, so to avoid the overload, I focus in on the little things I see. I draw the leaf, details of the roots, or maybe a tree but not the forest. I draw the animals that live in the forest,  jungle, river or desert. I look for the little things. I realize each time I visit a new place how small I am within this natural world.

I have lots of art shows coming up this fall. Soon, I will post the show dates and some previews of what I have created from some of the little moments in time.

Pacific Coast

I am near the bottom used a 300 zoom capturing the top 1/4 of this sand dune
White Sands at sunset, New Mexico
Baobab tree, Africa 
Me in the corkscrew tree

Monday, August 12, 2013

Arizona skies

In one place for a little while, back in AZ. It is monsoon season which bring the winds. This morning the breeze has brought the clouds to make watching the sunrise with my morning coffee a little extra special. Took a couple phone photos to use as future cloud references in drawings. 

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

A Whale Of A Tree

"In every walk  with nature, one receives far more, than he (she) seeks." - John Muir

We have had many great walks and moments with nature this week, month, year. We have seen some of the biggest of animals and the largest of trees. While in Africa, we were up close with the elephants. Now on the west coast of America we got to see a gray whale, not so up close but we did watch as he puffed a few spouts and diving a few times. Allowing us to check another wonderful experience off of our list.

Driving south from Oregon to California, we took time to hug a few trees - literally. We went to the Redwood Forest, words can hardly express the feeling you get when you walk with these giants. As I watched people looking at these trees, I saw them gently lay their hand on the bark. It was a very spiritual moment, sharing our small measure of time with these ancient ones.

I still think back on the peaceful quite, the smell, fresh, clean and the respect between nature and humans. I could have stayed there for months and never have grown tired of looking at these trees. A few sketches were made on site, a lot of pictures where taken and a wonderful memory to keep.

Friday, August 2, 2013

A Moment of Peace

The last two days have had moments of peace. Those times when you stop and look at nature, listen to the sounds and know there is a connection in everything. We went to Yaquina Head Lighthouse to see the tidal pools. A hike at Drifts Creek Falls, a long drive up to walk back down into the forest.

Even with the sun hiding and the fog leaving it's mist hanging around, it has still given me great pleasure to be out in nature.

Yaquina Head Outsanding Natural Area Lighthouse

Lori on the bridge overlooking the Drifts Creek Falls


What's That Sound???

You know you are in Wyoming when you wake to the sound of horses. With limited wi-fi service it has been a lot harder to get blogs written a...