Friday, July 12, 2013

Water Water Everywhere

Paper making is continuing as the main theme here in Zambia. I was to give two back to back workshops today. But things change, being flexible is necessary as an artist. The early workshop was moved last minute to Thursday at 8 am. It became more of a sharing of art and a talk. The girls at St. Mary's school were having an art exhibition. The student teacher was in charge as the main art teacher had a family emergency. The library was turned into an art show. The student teacher had introduced color to the students as part of his teaching project, they started off with oil pastel, moving to acrylic. I gave them an opportunity to try some soft pastels, so they could see the difference between the two. There were graphite drawings, bead work, recycled plastic bags made into purses, even some cards with stitching on them. I shared my work, gave a mini demo on recycling paper to make new paper. These young girls were wonderful to talk with and they were very proud of the work they had created.

Today we went over to Mukuni Village, I was to do a workshop with a small group of students, maybe some of the local artisans and a few teachers. Thinking I may have 20 - 25 but again being flexible and working with one screen, no electric and water had to be brought over in buckets. We had over 50 students and more coming to learn about making paper. The students did some of the pulp making while others came up and pulled sheets of paper. It was a very busy couple of hours. We were set up in a nice shady spot under a beautiful tree.

It has been a good creative week. The students, teachers, and parents are all asking when we will be back and what can we learn next time.

St Mary's Girl School

St Mary's Seniors & Me
Paper Making at Mukuni Village

11th & 12th grade to start

Even the chickens were interested in recycling

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