Sunday, July 21, 2013

somewhat lacking in computer skills.....

Oh dear....I just spent the entire afternoon trying to update my website.  I wanted to add the Fall schedule of shows and exhibitions....that's all....didn't even try to post photos!!!  Finally got it done, but I kept losing the pages, and the information I had written and had to start over numerous times....very frustrating.  I wish I knew which key it is that I hit that makes everything disappear.....I'd put tape over it!!!

anyway....I now have the new information on the calendar of events page for the fall shows for myself and Linda.  Check it out at 

My goodness, we are busy this year!!!!   Returning to some previous venues with new work, and adding some new shows.  Artomatic@Frederick has returned for September; the Fall show for Art at the Mill near Berryville, Va is back in October; and our own Fine Art in the Valley at Country Pleasures Farm will be the last weekend in October and the first weekend in November this year.

I have several pieces of new work in various stages of completion and ideas and sketches are done for more.  So I guess I'd better stop this, and get back to the drawing board!!!!

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