Friday, July 26, 2013

No Stopping...

It has been a busy and productive start to the summer. There is no time to slow down let alone stop. Lots of shows are coming up, plus additional inspiration coming next week. Artomatic is right around the corner, opening in September, plus the show at the Historic Burwell-Morgan Mill, just outside Berryville, VA, October brings the Fine Arts in the Valley group getting together once again at Country Pleasures Farm. And there are several pastel shows in-between, along with a solo show at Hahn Garden Gallery at Virginia Tech. I think I committed to some workshops & demo's in October too and might just be bringing Marilu along for the ride!

Good thing I have lots of new material to work from: some lion cubs, that I got to play with at Mukuni Big 5 while in Zambia, and the cheetah that took me for a walk. Got a few things done and a couple more under way. Plus, old favorites: great horned owls and herons. And did I mention elephants, lots of elephants. I am thinking that some of the elephant images that are created between now and show times will have a charity linked to them. We are losing so many of them, they are losing their land and still losing their ivory.

Check back next week to see where I am...

African Elephant - pastel & charcoal on coffee stained paper

Cheetah - watercolor background, pastel & charcoal, still working on this guy but close to done

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