Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A Little Foggy

Waiting for the sun to burn off the morning fog. We hear the fog horn, the birds are making their morning noises. No whales yet but we are hopeful. We are on the coast of OR, drove from Portland yesterday to the coast, taking the slow, scenic route. It is very green, lots of flowers blooming, humidity is low and middle of the day the sun comes out to warm everything up just a little.

As I look out over the ocean I see the many shades of gray. The horizon comes and goes as the fog is moving this morning. straight in front I can not see where the sky ends and the water begins. Just to my right there is a soft line, a violet gray that blends into the water, changing from lighter to darker. By the time it reaches the rocks it has that blue green gray tone. There is a white-pink gray between the water and the sky, changing to soft blue gray going up into the sky. Last nights sky was filled with pinks in the grays. Looking forward to what the skies will give us the rest of the time we travel along the Pacific Coast.

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