Thursday, June 13, 2013

On The Side

After the IAPS conference, Rick & I took a side trip going south in N.M. We explored Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge. Even though it is the off season we were surprised at the wildlife we saw, mule deer, racoon, blue herons, egrets with babies, ducks, and many small birds. Worth the stop.

We took the overland route up through the mountains, a good choice as it was 103 on the low land and 68 in the mountains.

Continuing on we timed our stop for White Sands to watch the sun set. White Sands is a National Monument and White Sands Missile Range surrounds the Park. Once you drive into the park there are places to stop for photo op's. As you go to the back of the park, you take your shoes off and can walk up the sand dunes. It is as if you are on another planet. The white is so pure, the sand incredibly soft.

We took a blanket, some waters, and the camera to the top of one of the dunes. We sat watching the sky change along with the dunes. What a lovely way to end a trip.

Bosque del Apache

Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge

White Sands National Monument New Mexico

It's not snow

whose footprints are these?

Toes in the sand - ahhhhh!

White Sands as the sun begins to set

White Sands

Rick at White Sands

me, enjoying the end of the day, another great trip on the side

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