Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Never To Old

The IAPS conference is filled with lots of opportunities to learn new things or remind you of things, forgotten. Sometimes you just take away one thing, a comment someone made, a hint on how to do something easier or a new friend.

While I was there I meet many new people, heard lots of great ideas and took a couple demo's/workshops.

Christine Debrosky, gave a demonstration on painting shadows. She spoke of the colors we see in light and in shadows. Reminding us of the values in colors, the darks and the lights.

Mike Beeman, did a workshop & a demonstration that I attended. One was on painting animals, the other on painting birds. His style is much looser then my own.

When I go to these events, I do not go with the thought that I want to paint like that. What I am looking for is usually a small change to include in my own style. I like the line work, the details, the graphic nature of my work. But, I like including a loose background and under colors to my work. In watching how Mike works this has helped me to think more clearly about my own work.

In doing these things I take away a little more confidence in what I am creating. With the knowledge that it is never too late to learn something new. Below are links to Christine Debrosky, Mike Beeman & the International Association of Pastel Societies.

Mike Beeman's birds in pastel

Christine Debroaky at IAPS 2013

Demonstration at IAPS 2013

Mike Beeman at IAPS 2013

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