Friday, June 7, 2013

IAPS - candy store & more

It is a pastel artists dream store. The IAPS conference hosts some of the best pastel makers and suppliers of materials from around the world. The trade show also known as the Candy Store, because it is just so beautiful, rows of pastels lined up like pieces of candy. It opened today with hundreds of artists going through this morning.

The day was full of meetings from artists and board members from Canada, New Mexico & AZ. Followed by gallery talk seeing the works from the juried show through Duane Wakeham's eyes. Five artists, five canvases, 10 minutes to work on each piece and at the end of the hour a finished piece of art - now up for auction. You could not help but smile at the creative energy during the Paint Around.

Demonstrations and workshops, President's Dinner, Banquets, and more from the Candy Show. Two more days to go and so much more to write about.
Karen & Gary, AZ

President Forum , Ruth from Canada
Nick from N.M.

Rep's from all the world

Duane Wakeham
Paint Around


Five Artists later - done!

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