Saturday, June 15, 2013

Cotton - Would?

The cottonwood trees (populous fremontii) in the southwestern area are Fremont Cottonwoods. I noticed while driving through N.M. that the cotton is starting to fly. The seeds of the cottonwood are on a soft cottony fiber that blows very easily. Cottonwoods like to live along river banks, they are a hardwood but not really that hard. They have a wonderful textured bark and a beautiful triangle type shaped leaf. The ones in the south are related to the Black Popular of Europe & Asia. The cottonwood from the east & middle of North American are slightly different but not by much, there are 3 main family members and maybe 3 sub family members, but all in all they are related.

cottonwood leaves in the fall
I love trees, I have gotten away from drawing them as much as I use to but working on doing more this year. I have spent time at the Botanical Gardens with the cottonwoods they are near the back, it is one of the shady spots. There is a great horned owl that lives in their trees and since it is a water loving tree it is near their little pond. Which houses frogs, lizards, birds and butterflies. The cottonwood is one of the main food sources for many butterflies. The cottonwood, would - be there - be strong and provide food & shelter. A good tree, even though it has little cottony seeds floating all over the place.

cottonwood leaves & seeds, spring

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