Monday, June 10, 2013


The next IAPS conference will be in Albuquerque, N.M. 2015!

It was full of information, demonstrations, workshops, meet and greet time with some wonderful art work created by artists from all over the world. There were people from down-under Australia, to the north, Canada, France was represented, along with people from all over North America including Hawaii.

I met people that I have only know via e-mail & facebook. It is always good to put a face and name together.  Looking forward to going over all my notes, sketches, reference information and putting together an article for the PSV (Pastel Society of Virginia) & APAA (Arizona Pastel Artists Association).

As there is too much to think of today, I will organized my thoughts and write more on specifics another day: the demonstrations, workshops and general ideas that came out of this event.

Leaving Albuquerque, heading south to see new places, new adventures...

Room with a view

Casas de Suenos B&B courtyard

Painting in the courtyard of our B&B

Two Linda's - Linda Wolitz from Richmond & me Linda from Blacksburg (& Scottsdale)

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