Monday, May 6, 2013


Follow up on tips & tricks, questions have come up on how I start my pastels. I work in a traditional method. Toning white Rives BFK cotton rag paper with the side of pastels or pastel dust. Once there is a even surface I use a pastel or charcoal pencil to block in my drawing. The magic starts to happen with the kneaded eraser. I use it like a drawing tool, I start to pull the light areas out, this creates the shape of the image. From there I use pastels to block in additional color and pastel pencils for the details.

The last few days I have been working on a close up of a mountain lions head and am using a limited palette. The background has burnt umber and burnt sienna. Black & white charcoal pencils are being use for the details and I may add some color for the eyes. Hoping to have it done by Wednesday at the latest. Till then here is a step by step of a great horned owl "Thinking" using a reductive process.

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