Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Who Is Sorry Now - scams & spams

Lately I have been receiving a lot of phishing e-mails,spams, and scams, from art collectors, people wanting art for their new apartment in some far away country, or galleries that if they accept you include a large fee.

I don't know how I get on these lists but many people in the same organizations as myself have gotten these same scam/spam e-mails at pretty much the same time.

It is no longer buyer beware but artist beware. There are ways to check out scams. As an artist we often get unknown emails from galleries, people that are truly interested in our work. But, if you are not sure it is real, try a couple simple things:
When in doubt - just delete.
Move your curser over the e-mailer's address, you may get something different, if so, I tend to delete.
You can do a google search - type in the persons name if nothing comes up add art scam to the name search. I have found more times then not it will come up with an article on the art scam.
Check with your fellow artists, see if they are getting the same scam. Put it out there on the social media sites let your friends pass the word around.
Never accept a check for more then the value you listed, never give out person information, like your bank or your credit card company. Some scams will tell  you they want your bank info to do a direct deposit.

To get really serious go to some of these web sites for more help.

http://www.artscams.com    This site has general information lots of links

http://www.ic3.gov              This is the Internet Fraud Complaint Center

http://www.ftc.gov              This is the Federal Trade Commission they offer an additional link where                                                 you can forward spam for them to investigate.
Forward spam to: spam@uce.gov

http://www.ftc.gov/spam      This has information on avoiding spam and malware.

Pass the word to your artist friends, protect yourself and your art.

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