Thursday, May 23, 2013

What's Going On...

Lots and lots of things happening this spring, rolling through the summer and into the fall. It will be a busy year. Marilu has an opening tonight...

I will be attending the International Association of Pastel Societies conference this year in Albuquerque, NM. There is a fairly new Society - Pastel Society of Virginia and I will be representing them at the conference. Along with hanging with some of my fellow pastel artist from AZ and maybe MD too! More to follow on the conference!!

Marilu & I had a chance to meet a couple times recently and we are still working on some join projects together, you may see some finished pieces at the FAV show in October - November. Plus, some preliminary work on a tree project!

Art-o-matic looks to return in September, hoping the dynamic duo can make a nature wildlife space happen again!

New galleries & workshops opportunities coming in October too!

And some amazing travel adventures that we will keep secret just a little longer.

Keep an eye on our blog, web sites, FB to see where we are and what we will be up to next!

New Mexico here I come

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