Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Flow

Sometimes you get into the flow, you work on something that just seems to go in the direction you want it to go and you lose track of time. This is the flow, those moments when time and space disappear.

As I was working on the close up of the mountain lion I was able to have some of those moments. I worked in a reductive technique, using my kneaded eraser as a drawing tool. Working with Rives BFK paper, I toned it with burnt sienna & burnt umber, did a light charcoal sketch to get my propositions correct. Then used the eraser to start pulling out some of the light areas. I decided I would make this a limited palette, using only black & white charcoal to do the main drawing. Then added a touch of color for the eye. I think it is done, will look at it later today and as usual maybe adjust a dark area here & there but all that is left is name, sealing it and framing.
mountain lion soft pastel, charcoal on rives BFK paper

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