Tuesday, May 28, 2013


There are times when you have the need to do an image over and over again. Not necessarily doing the same painting/drawing but using that image and doing a serious of works that are similar. Sometimes with a little luck it is because you sold the first piece too quickly. You did not have enough time to live with it but that is a good thing because it makes you work. Other times it may be that you had a great photo opportunity where you got a bird sitting, taking off and in flight. Maybe, turning his head back and forth as if posing for you.

I have even done this one image of trees in the fall, the sky was such an intense blue the color of the leaves just popped - I love this picture and have done at least 3 versions. And leaves, well, I collect leaves. It falls in that category with taking pictures of trees. I don't need any more but that doesn't stop me from picking one up that is just so beautiful I have to press it between pages of phone books that never get used for anything else.

My latest serious is the great horned owl. I did a little 5x7 and it sold immediately. On a recent flight I started a 6x6 from the same photo, I finished it last week. Going to seal some works this week, I have been adding handmade paper to the edges  and it too will be ready to show or sell!

What's next? Started a elephant on coffee stained paper, have this black swam image that keeps haunting me, really need to start it but in my mind it is a bigger piece...maybe 12x16 or larger, still thinking larger. We shall see what the week brings!

6x6 charcoal & pastel #2

5x7 charcoal & pastel #1

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