Wednesday, May 1, 2013

May Trees

May Pole - May Trees - May Day...

I did a quick search on May Day, to see what interesting things I could find.

May Day goes back to the Druids, they celebrated with fire. The Romans worshipped Flora, the goddess of flowers. The Middle Ages brought us the May Pole - May Tree. France, the May Tree became "Tree of Liberty". English & Italians cut down trees, removed lower branches, carried them back to town and decorated the trees with violets & ribbons.

There is even a Maypole Song - Song by Mediaeval Baebes - Summerisle  You may have to type in Mediaeval Baebes - Maypole song.

But, the long of this is I am taking May Day as a celebration of Trees, ancient trees, thought of as representing the gods, a symbol of great vitality and fertility of nature. In honor of trees - May Day!

Quiver Tree from South Africa

Blacksburg, VA

Portland, OR

Frederick, MD

Montgomery Village, Gaithersburg, MD

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