Friday, May 24, 2013

Making Art My Way or Breaking The Rules

The last couple of years life has been in transition and so to my art. I try to remember what one of my professor's from Maryland Institute told me, create what makes you happy and your market will find you.  I took his advise focusing in on nature and wildlife. I like to draw, I like dry mediums, I love working on and with paper. So much so, that I started making my own paper. It is a mild and safe addiction.

Along this path, I forget sometimes to follow my heart and try to make others happy. I deviate from what I know in my heart I should be doing...making art my way. I went to school to learn the rules, but, once you learn them, take them and make them your own.

I still wonder how my charcoal with some pastel color are viewed: is this truly a pastel? Experimenting this past year with sealing pastels has been a challenge. Some good results have come from this project and I will continue to see where it takes me. But, all in all, I have been doing more work lately in the style that is truly me, working on paper that is not used my many pastel artists, toning the paper, using my kneaded eraser to draw with and then using charcoal pencils to do the drawing and details. I like this look, I like the way it feels as I am creating the work and I love the surprise at the end when I add the final white highlights that brings it all together.

Sometimes I think I am breaking rules but really just bending them a little. I work in a traditional old school style with a little twist here and there. Here are a few of my favorite pieces using a reductive technique, on Rives BFK paper, charcoal & pastel.

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