Sunday, May 5, 2013

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As I am planning for upcoming travel, conferences, show, and meetings I realized I have not come back to the technical information on sealing pastels. Today is the last meeting till fall for the AZ Pastel Artists Association. I gave a talk last month on protecting pastels & framing without glass.

I am not sure if I can insert a Power Point in this blog but will see what happens. But, if it doesn't work go to my web site, click the link below. Click on How To - Seal Pastels - then click on the PDF power point file. This will give you detailed information on how I am sealing pastels.

A quick outline for sealing: 4X4X4plus Method

Using Kryon Sprays: Very lightly spray the finished work with Workable Fixative. Spray once do not double layer. This melts the dry pigment causing it to darken and lose the whites. Repeat this for a total of 4 times. Dry time in-between sprays about 15 minutes.
Next - UV Protective Spray - spray 4 times lightly, allow drying time between sprays, do not over spray.
At this point you can still go into the work and do adjustments if needed, bring up the lights or details.
Final spray using Matte Spray, repeat the 4 spray process and then check with a light touch. If pastel comes off on your finger continue to spray with the Matte Spray. Depending on the type of paper, the softness of the pastel, and dark pastels it can take additional sprays from 2 more to 6 more.

Recommendation: do a test piece before trying this on a finished work. If you want to try this and have questions please e-mail or comment on this

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