Friday, May 3, 2013

Cleared For Landing

I think the Prairie Falcon is done. I will look at him again today and make a few adjustments here and there but for the most part he is done. I never thought of myself as a bird artist yet I do so enjoy drawing them. The details in the feathers, looking closely at the repetition in patterns. Nature amazes me, the balance, the mathematics, light, color and so much more.

The Falcon was a photo that I caught and my friend Sarah got a similar picture while she was here for a visit. We went to the AZ-Sonora Desert Museum in Tucson. They do a Free Flight during the winter and again in the fall. They don't fly the birds in the heat of the summer, other then allowing them to go off and fly on their own. People often ask why the birds just don't fly away. The answer is simple, food source, they know where the food comes from, just like the birds that come to the feeder. When my hummingbirds are out of sugar water, they let me know, hovering around the windows that they see me at, birds are smart hunters.

The Prairie Falcon is 14-18" in length, weights between 15 - 39 oz., and it's wing span is 35-45". If you want to check out the show sometime or just visit the AZ-Sonora Desert Museum check out their web site:

"Cleared For Landing" soft pastel on Rives BFK paper

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