Friday, May 31, 2013

By The Light of the Moon

Last night, Rick & I went to the Desert Botanical Gardens for the flashlight tour. It is self guided but there are lots of docents along the way with information on what you will see.

The sun was just going down, and before we really even got into the garden we saw a pretty long king snake. They are in the class of good snakes. Of course this morning on my way out I saw a rattle snake in the middle of the road, they kind of fall into that class of scary snake. Back at the garden we saw two other king snakes, one by a little water fall area and the other a docent was holding.

We saw and heard frogs, had up close with a barn owl and gopher tortoise. Saw some scorpions and big hairy spiders, they were not running around but in fish tanks for people to see and ask questions. There were also mom, dad & baby quail, bunny rabbits, birds and bats.

 A nice way to spend the evening.

Gopher or Desert Tortoise 

Barn Owl

King Snake

Desert Botanical Gardens, Phoenix, AZ

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