Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Saguaros Are Blooming...

Just about everything has bloomed a bit early this year. The wild flowers gave a beautiful show. The prickly pear & chollas have been flowering for this past month. The Saguaros are not to be left behind, they too are in flower. They will continue to bloom through May and at higher elevation through June, maybe even July. They are hardy, tall, strong and are a benefit to so many animals. The birds build nests in them, the bees & bats love the flowers.The fruit should arrive sometime in late May, early June.

We have a mourning dove in our saguaros and she has babies. There are always cactus wren & gila woodpeckers hanging out. The flowers come out of the top and end of the arms. It is a different kind of beauty. I do love different!

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