Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sunday Time

In my organizing yesterday I found two little tiny canvases. One I had a quick sketch of the mountains out back and a tree with no leaves. Not sure when I did it must had to have been a few months ago. Since it was getting close to sunset, I played around with the one and this morning worked on the other. Just for fun.

You know it is going to be a good creative day if you start painting before you have your first cup of coffee!

I walked around the yard last night and took a few photos of new blooms. The bottle tree is in flower. I found a mourning dove in the cactus sitting on her nest. I saw her a week ago and she must have eggs in there because she did not move when I came up and took a few pictures.

Watched the Sunday Morning show, got a newspaper, studio is pretty clean, office organized, blog almost done - ready to head outside with my pastels and the mountain lion piece I started on Thursday. It is a Sunday kind of day.

Bottle Tree in bloom

Just for fun - watercolor on canvas

Mourning Dove

Purple Prickly Pear


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