Saturday, April 27, 2013

Leaping Lizards

The weather is warming up here in AZ. On the news they are starting to predicted the first triple digit day, apparently coming soon. With this warm weather I have seen an increase in lizard activity.

I will often take my easel and set it up outside. I have a protected area to sit and work. Plus, the benefit of natural light. When I am out, my cats are allowed in the backyard with me. Our little lady, Granite, has discovered the lizards as they run from plant to plant. She gets in her hunter stance and chases them. For our other cat, Whisper, the big brother, he sees his sister running, which can only mean one thing. He must chase her. It has been interesting watching this chain of events.

As I sit and observe I wonder should I try to draw some of these lizards?

May be in the Collared Lizard family

 Sand or Lesser Earless lizard

From the Spiny Family

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