Thursday, April 18, 2013

End of the Season

Art Walk in Old Scottsdale is every Thursday all year long. The high season for art is January through April, maybe end of May. By June it is getting hot and people still come down for Art Walk but most of the winter visitors have left till next year.

I enjoy going to Art Walk seeing what changes have been made, what new works are in town. There is often music being played and artists doing demonstrations. Tonight I get to be one of those artists.

Doing demonstrations falls into several areas:
Educating the public in how art is created.
Giving artists new tricks and tips.
Entertainment/Sales value for the gallery & you.
Creating work in a block of time on demand.

I will try to remember to take some in process pictures this evening. The hope is that there will be people coming into the gallery to see what the artist is doing. Watch and talk a bit, get them to look at more of your art and maybe with some good karma make a sale. But, if nothing else I will get to work which for me is always fun and make some new connections. So, if you are in the area stop on in, say hi and enjoy the end of the season Art Walk.


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