Friday, April 26, 2013

By The Light of the Pink Moon

Did another demonstration last night at the Biltmore Gallery in Scottsdale by the light of the pink moon. I learn something new all the time - a pink moon is the first full moon of the spring season. I know that every full moon has a name. Just a surprise sometimes at those names. A pink moon?? It was not pink here but it was bright.

After I finished with the demonstration last night, which went very well...started a falcon coming in for a landing. Pretty sure it will be called "Cleared For Landing" but after packing up the car I pulled out the camera. Put on the long lens and took a few pictures of the pink moon.

While I was at the gallery last night, Betty Carr, stopped in to check out the show. She is wrapping up a watercolor class she is teaching at the Scottsdale Artists School. She has a book titled "Seeing The Light - An Artists Guide" and is an amazing watercolorist. Had a nice talk with her and her husband.

It was a wonderful way to spend the evening, painting, talking to artists, talking to families and full moon to wrap up the evening.

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