Monday, March 18, 2013

Too Much Fun

and inspiration...

It has been a very busy week. Rick, Marilu, Dwight and I have been going to lots of fun and favorite places in AZ. Marilu & I have been taking tons of photos. We have more then enough to keep that creative force going. Plus, we share photos, sometimes one of us gets the better picture. There have been times we have used the same image. Our technique in creating differ, Marilu's scratchboards & my pastels, we end up with unique finished products. Maybe this fall at the Fine Arts in the Valley show you will see some examples of how that works.

Just a quick review - we went up to Cottonwood, went to the Wildlife Animal Zoo, Art Walk in Scottsdale, Cave Creek for a Rodeo, plein air painting at the Desert Botanical Gardens, Tucson & the AZ Sonora Living Desert. In between Marilu & I sat out back watched sunrises, sunsets, drew the mountains & the plants. Of course some of this was over coffee and conversation.
Wildlife Animal Zoo
Linda & Rick Oro Valley

Through the mountains in Tucson

Marilu & Linda AZ Sonora Living Desert

Dwight & friend in Cottonwood

Dwight, Linda & Marilu AZ Stronghold in Cottonwood

Rodeo in Cave Creek

Free Flight


Just passing by...

and of course hummingbirds - black chinned hummer

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