Thursday, March 14, 2013

Sun --- Day

It's Thursday already, the week is flying by with Marilu & Dwight out here in AZ. Marilu & I have been taking some time to do art, photos and sketching. We sit out back in the morning with our coffee, cameras, sketchbooks, pencils, pastels and enjoy the morning breeze. And do our FB, e-mail and blog posts...As I have said before I love March in AZ.

Today we head out for Art Walk, each Thursday downtown Scottsdale stays open late for art, artists and those lovers of art to come by and see what's new. Saturday, Marilu & I will be painting at the Botanical Gardens. A couple options still in the works for Friday.

But, for now we are enjoying our days in the sun - or more accuately, we are enjoying the shade in Sunny AZ.

Finished the piece I started at the gardens

Marilu"s work in progress: scratchboard of a white tiger from the zoo

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