Monday, March 4, 2013


Yesterday, I watched a demonstration by Kim Lordier from CA at the AZ Pastel Artists Association monthly meeting. The art of pastel has so many styles, techniques that it becomes a very personal medium to use.

I have taken and taught workshops over the years. There is always something new to learn, picking up tricks and tips. I love questions, researching, experimenting on how to make something work. The science part of art. Understanding light, color, hue, value and balance. The understanding of these elements take you to your own personal style. What makes your technique unique to you.

Kim Lordier works with under-painting. Using a dark pastel to sketch in her image. She uses orderless turpentine or denatured alcohol with a brush to soften and define where her darks are in her composition. Her addition of color, "hunt & peck" method, is finding the right color for that space, adding little touches here and there till it comes together. She uses the side of her pastels making brush strokes. The edge of the pastel stick creates finer lines. She is known for her CA scenes.

It was a good afternoon  watching someone who has such a passion for her work. Here are a few photos from the demo so you too can enjoy her style. To see more of Kim's work here is a link to her web site.

Under painting using dark pastel & turpentine

Kim Lordier demonstrations at APAA

Kim Lordier at a stopping point, she will continue to work on this painting .

Scene from CA

Recently finished pastel painting by Kim Lordier

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