Friday, March 29, 2013

Step By Step

This year I have been trying to take each day a step at a time. Literally and creatively, walking more for my health and painting for my sanity. Doing the hard stuff too, cold calling on galleries.

While visiting my son in Portland I had tried contacting galleries that I thought my work would fit. I put a simple portfolio together and went in to talk to a couple yesterday. One I will follow up with again in the future, the other will go back again another day. Right now neither are taking on new artists. Standard line from galleries but that is ok, because it was not a closed door and you never know what windows may open in the future.

I picked up local gallery guide and will do my homework. I will see if there are any other spaces I should visit while here. This is not my favorite thing, love going to galleries but not to sell myself. To calm myself I plan to go walk along the waterfront with new camera, sketchbook and maybe find someplace to have a cup of coffee. Sounds like a good start to the morning.

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