Tuesday, March 26, 2013


As I lay in the dark this morning thinking of coffee and all that is coming up over the next couple of weeks - kiss came to me - keep it simple sweetie.

I have been putting together a Power Point. I will be giving a talk to the AZ Pastel Artists Association the first Sunday in April. It is on the technique I have been working on for sealing pastels so they can be framed without glass.

When I first start a presentation it will have lots of pictures and few words but this time it is more about the words. Working on editing it down so that it just hits the key points for me to talk about and information for those that want to take notes. Sounds simple. Now just need to keep the K.I.S.S. in mind as I am putting it all together.

Sitting outside watching the sunrise over the mountains help to reinforce taking a breath and keeping in simple.

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