Thursday, March 7, 2013

Guess Who is Coming to dinner & more...

Wrapping up projects this week. Finished framing all that I can, still need to order a couple odd sized pieces.  Got  lots of To-Do's Today. Rick arrives tonight for spring break. Sunday my painting partner, Marilu & her husband Dwight will be arriving. Marilu and I will be painting at the Botanical Gardens for the paint out. Will have to see if we can steal another day away to go paint. But, there will be lots of artsy stuff over the next week. Expect reports on what to do and see when you come to AZ in March.

Part of Company Coming is cleaning up the studio so others can at least walk around and not worry about stepping on something important. When I am in the midst of working, painting or framing lots of stuff ends up on the floor. Mat boards, foam core come in large sheets, there is not always room on tables surfaces for them. Art gets spread out on the big table, along with frames to match up what goes best with what. Yesterday, everything got framed, paper backing, wired-up and is now either hanging or at least sitting up against the walls. Lots of work but pretty much all of it has a place to go. Lots of shows coming up for the spring. Still need to finish the piece I started at the gardens last week, the cactus wren is now incorporated into the piece. Next step - details - details - details, then seal and frame. All the works from the Saturday paint out go on exhibit that first weekend in April, it is going to be a very busy couple of months, more to come on that.

I did get a walk in yesterday, went to the little park I use to walk all the time. It has a nice walking trail, with lots of different plants, trees and cactus growing. I sometimes bring lunch and sketch book, Might just have to bring Marilu there for a mid-morning coffee and sketch many options, so little time!

I think this was a cactus wren on her nest inside the cactus



Flowers are starting to bloom

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