Sunday, March 24, 2013

A little corner in the shade

I found a lovely little spot to hang out for the day in the gardens. The Shade Garden on the Wildflower Loop. The big mesquite tree that is back there is not in full bloom yet. There are several other trees and they gave enough shade to keep me comfortable for the whole day. As people came into this area, they commented how I had the best spot in the garden...I had to agree. The only other place that has a fair amount of shade is by the cottonwood trees. There are lots of other shady places but usually the shade only last part of the day, making you move to a new location. It got a lot warmer then 79 degrees and luckily the winds were not as bad as the weather reports stated.

 I painted two small pieces. I was pushing myself, working 4x6, I find it harder to work this small. I did a close up of an agave and in the afternoon did a little "landscape" which I just do not do. Landscapes are overwhelming to me, I see too much, I see all the details and want to include them. I took my glasses off for less details. Do not think I will do anymore 4x6 pieces. Might try a landscape now and again but prefer to do the little details, the wildlife that live in the world.

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