Monday, February 11, 2013


Trying to finish up the framing - I realized I can't always find what I need - so I end up making what I want. To explain - I have been looking at rustic frames but not finding exactly what I want, some are so rustic that you get a splinter just picking them up. Others are just pushing it towards too ornate. I buy what is close to what I need then go back to the studio and make what I want. I sand them down, add some stain and get a frame that fits my work. At least this is my feeling.

So with that done, spraying the next grouping of art today. I need to be careful as it is raining at the moment and moisture can affect works on paper. I have all the frames lined up, will match up work with frames and set out putting them all together. Another fun framing day in the studio. My goal is to TRY to have all of this done today/tonight.

Since looking at a row of frames is kind of a boring picture I will leave you with this mornings sunrise.

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