Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Too Many Pictures

Yesterday afternoon I was looking for reference photos of the mountain lions. Moving forward and checking things off that To - Do list...

As I was doing this I got to look back over other photos and memories of trips. Sometimes I take several photos back to back. In doing this you sometimes get pictures that are interesting. Especially when you catch a bird or animal with a tile of the head or looking straight at you. You know they are asking themselves the same thing we ask - what are they thinking? My point is that in looking at these photos I thought, oh, that would be good to use in the blog. But, did I write down what file it was in - no. So, when I went to find the pictures this morning the file I thought they were in, they were not...Trying not to waste too much time on the computer I set a time frame for looking for them and time is up, moving on. But, I did find other photos and some good references for the mountain lions so not a waste, just a delay until they pop up again.

Just because I can't find a picture in the thousands that I have, does not mean that I won't be taking more. Can you really have too many pictures?

Here are a few funny faces that I did find...

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