Monday, February 18, 2013


Pho - a Vietnamese soup or a short word for Photo - add it to Hiking and it is what I do.. It is the term Rick & I came up with for how I hike. If I have a camera in my hand - it is understood we are Pho-hiking...I stop - a lot - to take pictures. I wanted to get some cactus pictures, something for my birds to land upon in my drawings. Since the birds land on these prickly things but are often too small or fly off before I can get close enough. Most artist use several reference photos to compose one piece of art.

We went pho-hiking at Spur Cross Ranch Conservation Area in Cave Creek, AZ. There are several trails, we have been there before but took a different path and found a few little side paths. I got some nice shots so will use them this week in continuing to create birds & wildlife images from the southwest.

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