Tuesday, February 12, 2013


As I was getting my coffee, I was thinking about what would the blog be today? I looked at a few quotes and these two seemed right for today.

"Art is a passion or it is nothing" - Robert Fry

"Painting is just another way of keeping a diary" Pablo Picasso

Both of these hit home for me. Art is a passion, something that surrounds me everyday. When I do not have pastel or pencil in hand, I dream of creating, I think of it when I am driving or traveling, I go to art galleries and museums, I read about art & artists...it is truly a part of me.

The other note that struck me was keeping a diary, I have always thought of my work as documenting a moment in time. Making works of art that captures something that may not be here tomorrow. An old tree, animals on the endangered list, nature. But, I realized that for years I have been making little pieces of art that document my travels. Sometimes work is create from a trip for a show but there is always that one piece that means something special and it becomes part of the artists collection, a page in our diary.




South Africa


New Mexico


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