Friday, February 1, 2013

I've been framed

Well, not me personally but I am dealing with the other side of creating art. How to frame the finished pieces. My style tends to be clean, simple, looking for that balance of framing works to please everyone.

Heading out to a frame shop today to see what I can find. With the new process I am doing sealing my pastels so they can be framed without glass, it is also changing how I work. A lot of what I do is up-close and personal. I like the details, the small things, intimate moments in nature. I just need to give them some breathing room when I work now. I have used mats as part of the work, sometimes even drawing onto the mats. I often thought of the mat as a part of the art and the frame was a place to end. Now, the frame is more important and their are no mats to transition.

You would not think it would be that hard but it is a process for me. Thinking out loud as to what works and what doesn't... just a matter of time to work things out. Till any thoughts on frames?

Works at the Biltmore Gallery - my 3 pieces are on the bottom planning to change the frames to more S/W style

Falcon with possible frame? Yes - No?

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