Thursday, February 28, 2013


Today I am back in the studio, doing final touches, sealing finished works, framing and maybe by evening continuing sketches for the mountain lion. Although, yesterdays adventures, running around here and there, I picked up two long format canvases. They will be used to do Mama Quail & her babies. Last year we had baby quail running around the back, they look like fuzzy little balls with a topper. This week I noticed the quail have started coming back again. At least a dozen in the back yard.

I will be doing plein air painting at the Desert Botanical Gardens this Saturday. There are lots of quail that run around there. Maybe I will take one of those long canvases with me just in case I have an opportunity to sketch in some quail running around. Or at least get a few more reference photos.

On the technique side of things, the canvases that I use, be it board or stretched, I adhere cotton rag paper to the canvas. Painting with pastel and sometimes watercolor or acrylic to create my images.

Yesterday was my out and about day, today is my IN day. Working IN the studio.

Desert Botanical Gardens, Phoenix, AZ

Cactus Wren



Road Runner

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