Sunday, February 24, 2013

Butterflies in March

Yesterday, I treated myself to a ballet - Momix:Botanica - a contemporary piece performed by the AZ Ballet Co. It was like watching a painting come to life, it started out with a white rose projected on the curtain, white material across the floor began to move, the air cooled, sounds of nature, dancers created movement, objects & animals. My cup of tea. Two hours of non-stop movement.

Part of this production is sponsored by the Desert Botanical Gardens. The bird noises were sounds you hear at the gardens. The insects, animals, flowers & trees created by these talented dancers made you feel like you were in the gardens, surrounded by nature. It made me think March will be here this coming weekend, with March there is much to do in nature and the butterflies return to the gardens. I love going in the butterfly house and just watching/waiting for them to land on me. If you wear light or bright colors, straw hat or light colored baseball caps they will more then lightly land on you.

I start going to the gardens each Saturday in March for the Paint Out event that the Scottsdale Artists League holds. There are close to 50 artists throughout the gardens, painting in plein air. I usually find some small space to work in to find that cactus, tree or leaf that speaks to me on a close up level. Some years I am lucky & have hummingbirds visiting me for the day. Other times a butterfly will land long enough for me to get a photo or quick sketch. It is a wonderful way to spend a Saturday.

March will bring many wonderful adventures, keep checking in to see what or who will be in AZ!

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